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In-Store Services


Need to update your piece or one you would like to purchase from us? 

We got it covered, stop by the store and see what we can do for you.

When you book a refinishing project with us you get so much more than a new coat of paint...

•Top rated in the Morris, IL area in both service and craft.

•Durability; we use a 5 step process to ensure your project lasts with time and wear.

•Creativity and style; Jessica is a master at her craft. Not only does she have an eye for color but she also specializes in faux and vintage finishes. Upscale refinishing of kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, furniture, etc.

Duration varies 

•Free in-home or virtual estimates.

Kitchen/bath cabinetry, fireplace, staircase, furniture refinishing offered. Furniture varies depending on size and condition.

Our estimates are Free!

At Tattered we only use the best...

  • The key features of BCA are no off-, aromatics, formaldehyde or isocyanate.


  • It is HAPS-free, and offers both open grain and high build systems.


  • It is water-white (non-yellowing), extremely flexible and hard, chemically resistant and has a long pot life (72 hours).


  • It also has quick drying and stacking times.

  • Can be tinted in any color.

Milesi Wood Coatings is a brand of IVM Chemicals SRL, which is one of the largest and most influential wood coatings manufacturers in the world. Based in Milan, Italy.

Milesi is the first manufacturer in the world to launch BlockChain Addition (BCA), a revolutionary technology that marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of coatings.

For the first time ever, it concentrates the finest characteristics of pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed polyurethane, acrylic and ureic finishes in a single technology. The result boosts their performance, and offers the market some previously unthinkable functional properties.


Surpassing today’s maximum performance standards, BCA has characteristics that exceed all expectations in terms of surface hardness, resistance to abrasion, yellowing caused by light, and stains caused by liquids. Additionally, the product offers very fast drying times and a long pot life, to ensure extremely easy use without sacrificing great aesthetic results.

This superior performance comes with a rigorously green approach, which is one of the main characteristics of the Milesi brand. BCA products contain no aromatic compounds, isocyanates or formaldehyde, and these don’t develop during the use of the coatings. 


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