Basic instructions for using Chalked Country Paint.

Depending on the finish you may need to do some slight preparation before painting. (If your surface is extremely glossy, varnished, or a nonporous material such as laminate or Formica, it is highly recommended that you lightly scuff the surface with steel wool or by lightly sanding for best results.)

Step 1. Visualizing. Look at your project and decide what you would like for your base coat if you desire a two-color finish.

Step 2. Painting. Apply your first coat of paint, allow to dry to the touch (approximately 20 minutes). Apply your second coat if needed or wanted. Allow drying.

(Please note, this product is normally very thick. If you prefer a thinner product, you can add a small amount of water.)

Step 3. Distressing. If you're going to wet distress you may start as soon as your project is dry to the touch. Take a wet terry cloth rag and rub where you desire the paint to be removed. If you prefer to sand your project you must wait approximately one hour for your paint to dry before sanding. Use 220 grit sandpaper for distressing, and always go with the grain of the wood for a more natural look

Step 4: Top Coat. If you prefer waxing, use a brush to apply a very thin coat of wax on your paint. Always go with the grain of the wood (less wax is better). Take a clean rag and remove any excess wax. Apply a second coat of wax if desired. When you're done wiping off the second coat then take a clean rag and buff your project. The more you buff your project the more depth you will obtain. Remember when waxing to only do a small area at a time. The wax does dry fast and needs to be removed in under 3 minutes.
If you prefer a simple topcoat, you can use Country Paint Defender. If you are top coating a painted surface, typically only one coat will be required. If you are top coating a painted surface such as a tabletop, or highly used surface, it’s best to apply 2-3 coats. You may also add you Defender directly to your Chalked Country Paint, to create a wax-free, chalky, one step finish!

We like to mix 1/3 defender to 2/3 paint.
Give your project 24 hours for your paint to cure before using.

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